Ride Maps & Routes

Following is a sampling of some of the typical routes the club uses on our weekly rides.  The club routinely tries new routes on the different level rides.  These are just some of the tried and true routes the club uses.

Coastal Route (Shorter Route)

29.4 miles

This ride is primarily gentle hills and flats along the coast.

Route makes its way out Arundel Road to Goose Rocks beach and down Route 9 to Fortunes Rocks, then looping out and back around Biddeford Pool. 

The route returns following Route 9 to Wildes District Road and back along scenic Ocean Avenue to Kennebunkport and back to the start via North St.

Coastal Route (Long Route)

34.3 miles

Primarily gentle hills and flats along the coast.

This route heads out Ocean Avenue in Kennebunkport making its way to Goose Rocks beach and down Route 9 to Fortunes Rocks, looping out and back to Biddeford Pool. 

The route then runs past UNE, breifly following Route 9, before turning on to Guinea Road and following Arundel Road back to the start.

Estes Lake

37.4 miles

Ride begins on River Road to Limerick Road and turns left past Dutch Elm golf course. to Route 111, turning left and up the Hill Road to South St.

The ride follows Rt. 35 for a short distance then makes its way out Old North Berwick Road to New Dam Road towards Sanford. 

The ride turns right onto Bernier Road, looping around Estes Lake and makings its way back via Old Falls Road to Alfred Road into Kennebunk and back to the start.

Old Thursday Night Ride

30.8 miles

Easy start rolling down Sinnott then and Limerick Road to Downing Road.  Through West Kennebunk via Thompson Road, down Mill Street and Whitten Road to Maguire Road.

Out Maguire to Chicks Crossing Road, across Meeting House and through Hobbs Farm to Rt 9A.

The Route then turns right on Mildram and follows  Coles Hill to Route 1.  The ride goes out Laudholm Farm Road and out onto Rt 9 to Sea Road and heads right, across along the beach.

We ride through the square in Kennebunkport and out North Street, making our way back to the start.

Boom Road / Saco River

35.2 miles

Ride begins on Arundel Road to Guinea Road and out to Pool Street in Biddeford.

Up the hill into Saco and left onto Water St, following Boom Road along the Saco River to Rt 5.

The route follows Rt 5 for a short distance then turns left on the River Road followed by a sharp right onto Waterhouse Road and out to Goodwins Mills.

The ride then follows Hill St and turns left on Rt 111 for a short distance then turns right onto Limerick Road and back to the start via the River Road.

Clark’s Hill Ride

37.4 miles

This ride features a series of short steep hills in the middle part of the ride, with gentle rollers and flats at the beginning and end of the ride.

We begin the ride going down River Road, and out Limerick Road to Route 111, turning left and on to Hill Road, turning left at South St.

The route follows Waterboro Road and right onto Clark’s Hill. The ride comes back across Waterboro Road and Rt 111,  to Kennebunk Road, then following Mouse Lane and Whicher’s Mill Road to Old Falls Road. 

The ride then follows Alfred Road back to Kennebunk, and we wind our way back to the start.