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      Peter Raymond

      Hello All
      Welcome to the new Maine Coast Cycling Club web site. I want to thank Peter Chase for his efforts in bring the new site on line. It will be a work in process but I think it is already a great upgrade. In reviewing if you see thing that need to be changed please let me know. I’m still looking for someone to be the web master I will fill that spot for now but have limited time and skill I think this site in the right person hand can be a great tool for the club. I also want to thank Beth Nicol she developed the site. We can add a lot and look forward to making it a better site.

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      Peter McDonald

      Great looking effort. Club has so many dedicated members. Keep up the great work.

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      – I think the problem is two fold. There are some that are just blanttaly ignorant. But I think that there are some that just don’t know. I know it sounds dumb, but when I think back to when I first got my license, I really didn’t have to know much of anything about traffic laws. A drivers license is pretty much a gimme in most states. I see people not obeying traffic rules all the time, and granted sometimes its just for convenience. But a lot of times I think it’s because they don’t know better. Great example: turning right on a red arrow ..

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