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      A few years ago, we just used to get on our bike and made our ride. Since the day of Strava’s appearance and other GPS tracking methods, other parameters have entered into our ride, beyond the fun part. Distances, altitudes, average speeds, maximum speeds, pulses, turns of the legs, strength, and as if that were not enough, we can compare all this with our friends.

      Publishing all of these data means one thing: Reviewing. This application is good with tips on how to improve criticizing your performance. Some, of course, can not withstand this criticism and have various ways to make their journeys public, but to look much more attractive to the eye than it is in reality. How do they do that? It’s not hard, all you have to do is concentrate and follow all those pieces of advice.

      Avoid climbing. As strange as it sounds on the uphill, you are losing your average hourly speed, so your ride looks much slower than it was or you wanted to show it! In order to achieve average speeds of more than 35 km / h without getting tired by the hard training, and without having to spend some time resting in front of the TV, you should avoid climbing. Start from above; take your walk around, but in the end before going up, press pause on GPS. Climb like no one is watching and when you get up shortly before you finish your ride, restart the GPS. What a coincidence, stuck the rum, on the last hill!

      Press start when it is necessary. Start by removing the stretching part. Continue with the recovery. Alternatively, you can start recording after you have finished warming up. That’s how you just managed to take 20-25 minutes of the way you go loose and keep only the main part of the training. Quite a few people will notice that your route starts and ends a few miles from the place where you started, but OK, no one is perfect!

      Get familiar with the famous Digital EPO! How does it work; It’s simple, you take the route, you choose the fastest you want to become, you hit Juice My ride and you get faster! If you want to know more about digital doping, you can search on line. Do not worry; however, they will not ban you from the local fights, as this particular doping is undetectable! We can not guarantee that you will not receive a report on the Strava though.

      Use the car to get to the point where the hills end and the straightway starts. There is no easier way to show that classic bicycles, can also make a difference and helpyou to increase the Average Hourly Speed from choosing to go straight ahead and achieve the maximum speed ever recorded.

      Make the route with a motorbike, going slowly! If you only want to scan in COM and PR, then the solution is one and needs fuel! Take your motorbike and go for a ride. But beware of your speed, because it is very easy for the system to understand that you are a cheater. Until they get there though, they will be amazed by your strength and endurance!

      The best advice though is leaving the Strava application off, enjoy your ride, enjoy the nature all around you and do not care about what they will say and what the others will comment on. There will always be someone quicker and stronger. The only thing you need to do for yourself is taking your bike, putting your helmet on and following your favourite route. Like the one you used to follow when you were a little kid..

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