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      Buying a bicycle may be a puzzler, because, in addition to appearance and brand, earning the first impression, a bicycle must have the right dimensions – depending on the body of the rider – to have and fit for its intended use to be. Before we deal with the right dimensions of a bicycle, let’s look at the types of bicycles.

      Road bike
      A road bicycle is mostly designed to run on asphalt, paved or paved road roads. With the use that has prevailed, however, it has also been established as a race bike. In general, it has large wheels, 28 inches, thin and smooth tires, steering wheel and in most versions it has many speeds. The racing bike is designed with the aim of improving the aerodynamics of the cyclist and the lightweight. Usually, the steering wheel is positioned lower than the saddle height and the two wheels are at a close distance, so they are more flexible. However, his weight should not be less than 6.8 kilograms. Iron, aluminum, carbon, and titanium alloys are used to make such a bicycle, which yield strength, stiffness, and lightweight. All of these features give it the title of the fastest bike in terrain with good road quality.

      Race bike
      The race bike is a completely different bike than a road bike; of course, this is not easily understood at first glance. It is strictly a race bike and is designed for use only on cycle paths. It does not have speeds or brakes and the athlete uses a free gear that has been chosen from before. Its tires are even tighter; they are extremely pressurized and very light at the risk of being dropped is rare. The design of the frame is absolutely accurate. This bike is extremely rigid and also the finishing is quite aerodynamic. In relation to a road bike, weight does not play as important as its rigidity. In the manufacture of such a bicycle carbon fibers are used as a matter of priority, since they are extremely rigid and can take the shape desired by the manufacturer with the aim of better aerodynamics. The wheels follow the same logic and for this reason, it is used mostly a closed rear wheel and a wheel with a few rays in front.

      It is a small bicycle for the operator to have much better control. It is particularly robust, with a high durability and usually has a low saddle, a high steering wheel, and footrests on the rear and front wheel axles, depending on the use. There are several types of BMX bikes though: Freestyle / Street. The most common form of the BMX is suitable for the city rides or just jumping stairs!

      Dirt jumping. As the name says, it has to do with dirt and big jumps. So if you want absolute freedom and do not scare you jumps you have already found what you will do
      BMX racing. This type of bike is suitable for routes that have leaped, huge berms and compete with the participants as who passes the finish line first. Perhaps the most demanding type of BMX for the rider, as it requires incredibly good physical fitness and strength.

      Flatland. Balance, imagination control is the features of riding a flatland-type of a bike. In this particular form of BMX, the rider makes tricks without having to move more than 2-3 meters as everything is done without speed. Squares, car parking and generally any flat

      City Bike
      The city bike is a specially built bicycle for moving to large urban centers with the best possible performance. It is a bicycle with large 28-inch wheels with wide but smooth tires that help the bicycle move faster into the city, with a good road surface. It is a faster bicycle than mountain biking and more comfortable than a street bike because it has a wide saddle, a high steering wheel, and more safety accessories. It can also handle a dirt ground, speeds, grille and – not always – mudguards and lights.

      This type of Copenhagen Bike Company bike aimed at people who want to move to the city by bicycle and have accepted its assets, such as comfortable parking, improvement of the physical condition, ecological specialties, ease of transportation, etc.

      Folding Bike
      Folding bicycles are ideal for city travel in conjunction with public transport, but also for excursions, caravans, boats or cars. The only peculiarity when it’s about a folding bike is the existence of folding mechanisms. If you want your bike to work properly, the couplings should be tightened properly. This, in addition to better driving, prevents damage to the frame as well.

      Stationary bike
      It is a bicycle commonly used in the gym and is intended to maintain good physical condition when conditions do not allow outdoor cycling. It has controlled intensity and difficulty and is also used for ergometer, indoor cycling, etc.

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