Best new (and cheap) century ride! Sign up soon!

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      If you haven’t already done so, I’d strongly encourage you to sign up for the Four Leaf Clover Ride. Here’s the link: (I’ve never posted a link on here, if it doesn’t work just let me know and I’ll figure it out!)

      This is the ride happening in place of the club century ride, the one that Peter R. has been talking about every Sunday before we ride. It is the hope of the FLCR Committee that many of our club members will sign up early for the ride so that others looking at the site will see many registered riders and know that this is a legitimate ride. We are listed in the Bicycle Coalitions calendar, as well as on the Road ID’s website, so we have potential to get a large number of hits on the registration page. Which makes it extra important to register early since we only promise free tee shirts to the first 100 riders registered! And as Peter has said, feel free to bring a friend! All four loops (approx. 25 miles each) start and finish at Nasson Community Center so if you (or your friends) need to stop before the full century is done, you are never more than 25 miles away from your car! Since there are 4 loops, you have the official options of 25, 50, and 100 mile rides. You also have the “unofficial” 75 mile option~ don’t worry, we won’t tell!

      So, quick recap: For the puny sum of $45, you get a free tee shirt, a ride that has 4 loops (not gonna lie, one of them will be a challenge!), a meal, a fully supported ride (SAG, snacks, bathroom facilities, all of it) AND as the kids nowadays say “the feels”, all the good feelings of knowing that you’ve helped keep a kids program open.

      And if any of you have friends or family that don’t ride but want to come, we will be doing family friendly events all day- music, games, a raffle, and even a free ride for families with young kids leaving at 10:00 and going out to the Rail Trails. We also have Broose D’Moose and Elsa making appearances!

      A few more quick things: We are also looking for volunteers for the day of the ride. If anyone knows someone that may want to come help out for a few hours, have them call, text, or email me (608-2650 or

      Last but not least, if you have a business and want some advertising and a tax write off (and “the feels”, don’t forget the feels!), we are still looking for sponsors for this nonprofit fundraiser. We take any amount (although $250+ gets your name on the shirts), and are also taking donations of raffle items and/or services! Refer to my contact info above if you want to reach out to donate. Thanks!

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      Apparently when I hit “link” it didn’t actually put the link in. I can’t figure out how to edit the post, so I’m trying to leave the link as a comment.

      (Sorry, I can’t seem to “adult” this week!)

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      Peter Chace

      Sign up by this Thursday August 27th to be guaranteed a free Tshirt! We will be putting together an order after that date and won’t be able to guarantee a Tshirt.

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