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Suppose CNN had existed in the Sixties, and had preedctid that Nikita Krushchev would come to the US and take off his shoe while speaking at the UN. Ridiculous?Suppose it had preedctid that Putin would make jokes about rape in front of a diplomatic delegation and reporters. Crazy?Suppose it had suggested in 1991 that Russians would soon elect a proud KGB by a landslide, abolish local elections, crush the media. Would you have laughed at them?In Russia, the impossible is often commonplace.Meanwhile, why is OK to assume that one incident on CNN is a basis to question the whole of American journalism, but not OK for CNN to assume that one incident of counterfeiting could be a basis to condemn the Putin regime? The idiotic hypocrisy and ignorance in this virtual room is so thick you could cut it with a knife. And CNN, if at all, is only a small part of it.