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You are absolute right: no etxuaneors vegetables in the lobster. We vacation in South Freeport every year with a friend from D.C. who grew up there. When we make lobsters for dinner, she will save the carcasses and the next day pick them over like crazy, collecting all the uneaten meat. This she mixes as you described above for lobster rolls that we very often will pack into a picnic lunch, to be taken onto the sailboat and eaten on one of the islands in Casco Bay. But we consider the selection of bun to be essential as well. We always use a top cut bun, which behanve a bit like a hot dog bun but looks like it was cut from the top of a loaf of bread. It’s a New England specialty, baked in a local bakery. And of coarse it must be toasted with butter to make a proper lobster roll. I suppose a regular hot dog bun would do in a pinch.