Ride Descriptions


Weekly Rides: Hosted by Maine Coast Cycling Club:

Sunday Morning Road Rides:

In the winter months, the rides begin at the Main Street Kennebunk location at 9:00 am. Winter Ride speeds and distances depend on who shows up, what they are riding and how cold it is out. Rides listed below are the regular in-season rides

Questions? Call Peter Raymond (207-409-8112)

The “B” ride will be between 25 to 30 miles at an average speed of about 14 to 15 mph. We will make 3 stops along the way to regroup. No one will get left behind. We will follow the same route each week.
Leader: Irish Griffith 207-608-2650 or BJ 207-651-8337 


The “B+” Ride will be travelling about 32 miles at an average speed of 16 to 17 mph.

Leader: Ray Hajny.


a-minusThe A- ride will be using 2 different routes. The rides will run between 32 and 35 miles in length. The average speed will run between 18 and 19 mph, depending on conditions. We will work to keep riders together by keeping pulls short, rotating to the back, keeping an eye out for riders off the back, and having stops for regrouping.
Leader: George Monteith 207-205-7159

The A ride will be using 4 different routes. The rides will run between 30 and 40 miles in length. The average speed will run between 18 and 20 mph,depending on conditions. The emphasis will be on riding hard, but also riding safely. Anyone sprinting off the front will get no sympathy if they get lost. The ride will regroup periodically.

  1. The Coastal Route
  2. The Clark Woods ride.
  3. The Estes Lake/Pig Farm loop.
  4. The Saco River Ride.

Leader: Peter Chace 207-590-9432

The “A+” ride will be an open ride where the route, distance and speed will decided by the riders before the ride. The ride will generally be around 40 miles at 20+ mph

Leader: Bill Hetzel


Coffee and muffins provided in season (in winter join us at Perfectos) after the Sunday rides by Maine Coast Cycling Club. There will be a jar on the table after the rides. Please help us with those expenses.

For more details call Peter Raymond at (207-409-8112)



Wednesdays (starting 3/16/16:

5:30 PM Road Ride – Crum Cycle/Nasson Bike Center in Springvale

Join the MC3ers for Wednesday nights, riding from the Nasson Community Center in Springvale. After Labor Day the ride moves to the Sanford Airport at 5:45. We usually ride about 30 miles at about 18-19 mph.The average speed will drop after dark. The Airport location has 2 rides, one loop heads to North Berwick and back through Wells. The other loop goes around Estes Lake and through West Kennebunk. The Springvale ride will feature hills — hard to avoid them. For the Airport ride park in the parking lot for the Cockpit Cafe at the airport, towards the back of the lot.Park at Crum Cycle or the parking lot adjacent to the Nasson Community Center for the Springvale ride

This ride starts in the spring with lights for the first few weeks, then goes back to using lights in the fall and will ride until the snow flies.
Contact Dave Letze (432-3674)